Spelling Puzzle for Kids

Spelling Puzzle for Kids

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Here at Learn & Climb, it’s our mission is to bring engaging and interactive science, magic, math and geography toys to children everywhere. We strive to bring a variety of toys and entertaining games that help children Learn academic and life skills so that they can Climb to ever greater heights and achieve their goals.We also strive to bring affordable learning toys and entertainment options for families of all sizes and backgrounds.Our educational min puzzle kit features 20 spelling and word puzzles for young children. There is a total of 80 individual jigsaw pieces for hours of fun and entertainment.

Help your kids have fun with education by combining learning with fun activities and play. Young children thrive when given new activities and challenges to practice and master.

Your child will learn how to write and spell 20 words. 10 of the puzzles are simple 3 letter words and 10 of the puzzles are slightly more challenging 4 letter words.Each puzzle has a matching full color image to the corresponding word.Teach the special child in your life how rewarding it is to learn and master a new skill in a way that turns learning into play and fun!

Help us teach this generation of kids that learning is fun while empowering kids everywhere to climb to new heights and a brighter future.

Fun with Spelling

Our mini spelling puzzle kits features 20 high quality mini jigsaw puzzles. Each mini puzzle square is 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches and features a word with matching picture. Each vowel is highlighted to help teach kids about the basics of phonetics. There is a total of 10 3 letter word puzzles and 10 4 letter word puzzles. The puzzles are made up of 4 jigsaw pieces. Because there are both pictures and words, young children who can't read can still start to have fun and start to learn.

Never Too Early for Spelling

Young children who are exposed to basic reading and spelling concepts often have an advanced start on phonetic concepts once they start preschool or kindergarten. Even if your child is too young to read...by exposing them to letters, vowels and basic words you're actually priming their brain to be ready to read and write once they reach that crucial developmental age where word comprehension starts to set in. The puzzles are fun and your child won't even realize he or she is learning!

Lifelong Learning

Getting kids involved with spelling and phonetic concepts at a young age has been shown to have long term life, academic and career benefits. When children associate positive fun feelings with academic subjects they're more likely to be interested in those subjects at school and in extracurricular activities. It's never too early to introduce children to reading and writing fundamentals. Help your child become more passionate about learning and education with this high quality activity set.

Makes a Great Gift

Girls and boys of all ages will love to play with their puzzles again and again. That's because it takes time and practice to learn and memorize all 20 words and 80 puzzle pieces. This isn't a one time present that gets quickly discarded. Many kids become fascinated with learning and will spend hours glued to their puzzles and trying to learn more about spelling, reading and writing. Give the gift of learning and self-confidence with these high quality mini spelling puzzles.

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  • 📗 SPELLING HELP - Your child can learn from 20 different mini puzzles featuring either three or four letter words. Each puzzle contains 4 high quality full color word and image jigsaw pieces.
  • 📕 GREAT EDUCATIONAL GIFT - Are you looking for a fun but educational present for a special child in your life. Girls and boys ages 4 and up will love spending hours learning new words and vowels.

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