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Learn & Climb Science
Learn & Climb Science
Learn & Climb Science
Learn & Climb Science

Learn & Climb Science

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At Learn and Climb our mission is simple: to provide parents with the tools necessary for helping their children learn and climb to new heights in their development and education! We are parents helping families by providing products geared toward pairing fun and education in a way that promotes critical thinking.

By promoting many learning styles including sight, touch and sound we directly facilitate a higher level of understanding than by just reading alone. Kids will pour, scoop, measure and combine ingredients, and be able to see, smell and hear the results of their work! Whether the science kit is used by one child playing on their own, or several children in a group, the discoveries and possibilities are endless!

hours fun

great gift


Hours of fun

Enjoyment is plentiful with the Learn & Climb SUPER COOL SCIENCE KIT for kids! Along with a few household items that you supply, this kit will provide hours of pleasurable investigation through the fascinating world of SCIENCE! Kids will grow crystals, make slime, learn about the power of air and magnetism, chemical reactions, acids and bases, plants and so much more!

Great Gift

When you give the gift of a Learn and Climb product, you are giving a lifetime of parenting experience and teaching in one package. Our design team consists of parents and grandparents who deliver their years of experience in parenting and education in every single kit. . It’s a compound gift with unlimited benefits for kids and parents all in one!

Clear Instructions

We have designed this kit to encourage a child to discover for themselves the answers to WHY and HOW things happen. We have Included a clear detailed color step by step manual , and clear online tutorial videos are available, enabling your children to execute the experiments themselves and successfully

markers, dish soap

sugar, mentos

flour, corn starch

orange juice, cola

paper towel, paper clip

oil lemon juice

vinegar ,egg

fast growing seeds

salt & pepper

strainer, scissors

Whats in the Box?


plastic pipette , 1 beaker, 1 big test tube

3 petri dishes, 4 small test tubes , test tube holder, test tube connector

double sided measuring spoon, funnel, filter papers

tweezer, volcano base, 2 stirring sticks

3 small balloons 1 big balloon

propellor joint, 3 propeller blades

1 magnet stick, purple string, balloon race car, test tube keychain

2 name tags

  • KIDS LOVE SUPER COOL SCIENCE KIT! This enormous and fascinating 56-piece educational kit is bursting with tools and chemicals to help complete over 60 interesting hands-on experiments!
  • This STEM based science kit encourages children to critically think and problem solve and will help sharpen their science and math skills- all while being a captivating TON OF FUN!
  • LOADED with top quality tools that are made to look like those found in a real chemist’s lab, your child will enjoy hours of fun creating gooey slime, a glowing lava lamp, an explosive volcano plus plenty more fizzy, fuzzy and bubbling experiments with this kids science kit! It even includes a real-life nametag to complete and enhance their pleasurable learning experience!
  • ENGAGING DVD features a real scientist performing the experiments and brings each experiment to life! Clearly written and illustrated instruction manual will also guide your child on an easy to follow step-by-step learning excursion through each experiment. This set is perfectly suited for children ages 5 and up.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! As always, our goal here at Learn and Climb is your utmost satisfaction. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, just let us know within 30 days and we will gladly refund your full purchase price. Rest assured, shopping with us is always RISK FREE!

Learn and Climb


Providing parents with the tools necessary for helping their children learn and climb

to new heights in their development and education