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Learn & Climb - Outstanding Magic Tricks Kit | Set of 3 Unique Props for Kids to Learn & Perform 5+ Tricks | Includes Paper to Coin Trick, Finger Chopper & Set of Magical Cards | Instructions Included

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Here at Learn & Climb, it’s our mission is to bring engaging and interactive science, magic, math and geography toys to children everywhere. We strive to bring a variety of...


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Here at Learn & Climb, it’s our mission is to bring engaging and interactive science, magic, math and geography toys to children everywhere. We strive to bring a variety of toys and entertaining games that help children Learn academic and life skills so that they can Climb to ever greater heights and achieve their goals.We also strive to bring affordable learning toys and entertainment options for families of all sizes and backgrounds.Our mini magic trick boxes are one of our most popular learning games. At first glance it may seem like each kit is just a set of simple tricks and illusions.

The true magic of our magic kits and gift sets is the fact that the special child in your life will learn key skills as they play.

Children thrive when given new tasks and mysteries to unravel. It teaches them self-confidence and raises their self-esteem while cultivating critical thinking and problem-solving skills.They also learn the tangible skills of memorization, hand eye coordination and public speaking and performance.All our mini magic trick sets make awesome gifts for boys and girls ages 5 and up. Help someone special delight and entertain their friends & family for years to come.Most games and toys get looked at for a few minutes before being tossed aside for the comforts of digital distractions and TV. Our mini magic trick sets are designed to be engaging for hours on end. This is because the tricks represent different skill levels, with a few of the tricks being a bit harder (but still manageable!) to master and perform smoothly. Teach the special child in your life how rewarding it is to learn and master a new skill in a way that turns learning into play and fun!

Help us teach this generation of kids that learning is fun while empowering kids everywhere to climb to new heights and a brighter future.

Fun & Simple to Understand Manual

We've created a very clear and easy-to-follow instruction manual. There are written instructions that describe exactly how to replicate the magical results perfectly every time you perform. To help children of different reading levels, we've included picture only instructions and access to short and easy to follow online videos of a real magician performing and then explaining exactly how to do each trick and how to use your props. He even gives advice on how to WOW your audience!

The Incredible Paper to Coin Trick

Each Outstanding Magic Tricks box contains enough props for a variety of tricks and illusions. The Paper to Coin Trick will leave your audience amazed as you transform or vanish paper into coins with your special paper to coin magic cups. You'll learn exactly how to perform 3 unique tricks. You can make a coin completely disappear into thin air, you can transform one coin, such as a penny, into a completely different coin or piece of paper, or you can multiply a coin into multiple coins.

The Shocking Finger Chopper

Chop off your finger! Or at least that's what your audience will think you've done. This illusion requires some good showmanship and acting to convince your audience that you've cut straight through your finger with a mini guillotine. The truth is this trick is completely painless and won't cause harm to you or anyone else's fingers or any other body part. This trick is completely safe for kids to perform or for kids to perform on adult fingers. Always good for a good fright and then a laugh.

Marvel at the Magical Card Deck

The cornerstone of many magic tricks and illusions is the classic deck of playing cards. Our special magical cards hide a mystery that will leave your audience thinking you've read their mind or blown away that you've made a card vanish into thin air. This is a fantastic beginner card trick that will pave the way for tons of other standard playing card tricks and illusions that will continue to entertain for years to come. Contains 5 special cards that can be used alone or with a standard deck.

Convenient QR Codes

Go ahead and scan this QR code right here for immediate access to our full game manual right on your phone or mobile device. All you need is a Free QR code app and then simply scan this QR code image or the QR code that comes with the product. Even better, each individual trick has its own unique QR code that when scanned will take you directly to a video first showing the trick being performed and then a simple explanation and breakdown of how to do it yourself. A truly convenient way to learn!

Learn Alongside a Real Magician

Whether you scan a QR code or visit our Learn & Climb Youtube channel directly, you'll have immediate access to short and entertaining videos of a real adult magician performing the tricks in this gift set. First, the magician will perform the trick without giving away the illusion. This is especially helpful because he will show you fun and interesting ways to perform the trick so your audience believes it. Then he will walk you through step-by-step exactly how to do the trick yourself.

Explore Other Great Kid’s Magic Trick Sets

In addition to this Outstanding Magic Tricks Kit, we have 7 other high quality and engaging mini magic tricks gift sets. Encourage more learning by getting more kits once your child has mastered all the tricks and props within this unique gift set. Each set makes a great gift and is designed to be an interactive and engaging way to learn real world skills in a fun way. Delight your little magician with each gift set and watch their talents grow and climb to new heights.

  • A MAGICAL EXPERIENCE - This set contains props for our Paper to Coin Trick, Finger Chopper & a Magical Set of Cards that can be used for a variety of fun and interesting magic games and party tricks!
  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS - Each interactive & fun magic gift set contains a full color instruction manual and access to short and easy to follow online videos so anyone can learn new outstanding tricks
  • LEARN WHILE PLAYING - Magic isn't just about games, fun and mystery...teach confidence, hand eye-coordination and public performance skills along with a host of other essential lifelong skills
  • AGES 5 & UP - Boys and girls ages 5 and up can discover the joy of magic and illusion. Your child can grow with the kit and perform more complicated tricks as they master magic and sleight of hand
  • AMAZING GIFT - We've designed a fun and interactive set of tricks with hours of entertainment that makes a great gift & present for birthday parties, Christmas or any special event in a child's life.

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